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Tom, (Keytek Locksmiths) "A massive thank you to technical support for you reply!  Very informative and exactly what I needed!!  I wish every supplier I spoke to was as good!" (June 2023)


Anne Hollingsworth (Timothy Wood Ltd) "What a great website, so easy to find documents regarding to products and also finding the products. I have dealt with Briton for at least 40 years and have always found the products to be of a great quality" (January 2022)


Briton B Door Closer

Rod Fathers (Midlands Floor Springs & BF Services)

“The humble Briton B, should in my opinion be held up as an icon of British engineering at its finest and what better way to celebrate this than the servicing and repairing of these stalwarts of the door control industry, a much loved classic in many circles. Great for the customer, the environment and our industrial heritage.” (June 2021)